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At the Law Office of Daniel Transier, we stand up for the accused, vigilantly defend their constitutional rights, and advocate in their best interests. 


Clients often come to us in the darkest moments of their lives. They can feel overwhelmed by the power of the government's case against them and trapped in a system they don't understand.


If you have been accused of a crime, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm for a free consultation and case evaluation.


At the Law Office of Daniel Transier, we can help you with Criminal Law and Family Law. 

Family Law


We can help you with your divorce as well as aid in custody cases. 

DUI & Traffic Offenses


To protect your criminal record and your driver's license, reach out to us for skilled advocacy against charges for DUI or other traffic violations. 

White Collar Crimes


We are here to help defend you against any while collar crime charge, ranging from embezzlement to fraud and financial elder abuse. 

Domestic Assault & Battery


Domestic assault and battery: 

Do not face allegations of domestic violence alone. Instead, call us for representation against false allegations of any domestic abuse charge such as stalking or child abuse. 

Violent Crimes


From gang-related crimes to arson, we are here to fight aggressively against any violent crimes charges you may be facing. 

Sex Crimes


We know how to approach the defense of all sex crimes, including rape, sexual assault, and Internet sex crimes.

Drug Offenses


Cases involving drug charges require experienced defense representation. We know what it takes to advocate on your behalf against all drug charges, including trafficking or simple possession of drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. 



From shoplifting and other retail crimes to burglary, we know what it takes to protect you against theft charges. 

Juvenile Crime


In addition to our experience representing adults, we also have the knowledge and skill to protect the records of juveniles charged with a variety of crimes such as drug or alcohol offenses. 

Post Conviction Matters


We are also available to assist with any post-conviction matters including defense against probation violation charges or seeking an expungement. 



From vehicular homicide and manslaughter charges to murder, we are here to protect your rights when so much is at stake. 

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